1. E Aloha Mai  (3:40)

2. He Aloha Ku‘u Home I Ka Nani O Nā Pua  (4:31)

3. Lei Ana Hawai‘i  (2:56)

4. Nani Hilo I Ka Uluwehiwehi  (5:58)

5. He Aloha Ku‘u Pua Kūpaoa  (4:08)

6. ‘Ike I Ka Nani A O Pele  (4:13)

7. Oni Ana Ka Mana‘o  (3:39)

8. He Aloha Ku‘u Hoapili  (3:46)

9. He Aloha Nō E Ka Loke  (6:13)

10. Te Tiare Moto‘i Ta‘u I Here  (4:50)

  1. 11.Te Tiare Ta‘u Here  (2:51)

Album Review by John Berger (Island Mele column at www.honolulupulse.com)

...a distinct repertoire of new contemporary Hawaiian music.  This album is the third in the series and it fits in seamlessly with its predecessors.

Hewett is again the composer and vocalist, Ho accompanies him on bass and acoustic piano. 

...Hewett, a native-speaker, writes and sings in Hawaiian.  One of the 11 songs has a few English lyrics as well but there is no slack key guitar on this album at all.

Hewett sings in his familiar laid-back style.  He translates the album’s title as “memories in my heart” and explains in the liner notes how those memories fit together.  That is good information to have.  It is certainly possible for people who are not fluent in Hawaiian to enjoy the sound of his voice and Ho’s piano accompaniment and leave it at that, but it adds much more to know that “’Ike I Ka Nani A O Pele” describes the experience of watching Halema‘uma‘u erupt at night, or that “He Aloha Ku‘u Hoapili” recalls a friendly heron he encountered in California.

Documentation is an essential part of all Hawaiian albums.  Hewett provides that here and makes “Hali‘a i ka Poli” complete.  Were this album to prevail next year in The Academy’s catch-all Regional Roots Music category it would be an excellent representative of contemporary Hawaiian music.

Record Label: Daniel Ho Creations
Catalog number: DHC 80099
UPC: 644718009926


Song List


Hali‘a i ka Poli

Kawaikapuokalani Hewett

  1. audio demo

  2. hi res album art

Legendary songwriter and kumu hula Kawaikapuokalani Hewett’s new original CD “Hali’a i ka Poli” is destined to be an instant Hawaiian classic. His daughter, Ula, graces each composition with her casually pristine and angelic vocals. Daniel Ho adds to the artistry with piano and bass accompaniment, hot on the heels of his Grammy-nominated piano album of Hawaiian songs, “E Kahe Malie” (nominated in the Pop Instrumental category).

Hali‘a i ka Poli CD - $15

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