The music of Christmas draws people of all faiths to Stanford Memorial Church to experience the joy and peace of the season through melody and poetry.  Amidst an interior of massive stone walls and pillars, wooden pews, and stained glass windows, listeners are enchanted by the building’s glorious acoustic as candlelight glints off golden mosaics. The effect is magical.  And the magic is annual.


Produced by: Stephen M. Sano & Daniel Ho

Stanford Chamber Chorale (2011-2012) is:

Stephen M. Sano, director

Soprano: Jennifer Chernick, Jessica Moffitt, Annie Sherman, Liz Spragins, Jennifer Wang, Lydia Zodda

Alto: Chrissy Ensley, Nicole Heinl, Sondra Hellstrom, Jocelyn Hickcox, Miriam Swords Kalk, Kacey Marton, Kristi Schneck

Tenor: Andrew Forsyth, Julian Kusnadi, Ben Laboy, Linden Melvin, Jack Petok, Eric Tuan, Will Watson

Bass: Jacob Boehm, Jacob Chamoun, Joel Chapman, Derek Czajka, Taz George, Samuel Lederer

Organist: Robert Huw Morgan

The Bay Brass is:

David Burkhart, trumpet (leader)

Adam Luftmann, trumpet

Robert Ward, horn

Timothy Higgins, trombone

David Ridge, bass trombone

Recorded 31 January, 1 February, 29 May, and 11 June 2012 at Stanford University Memorial Church

Recording session engineers: Mark Dalrymple & Lyman Miller

Mixing and mastering engineers: Daniel Ho & Stephen M. Sano

Liner art & design: Susan Yuen

Photography: Linda A. Cicero/Stanford News Services, Linda Clever, Lydia Miyashiro,
Linda Uyechi, Raymond Yuen

Catalog number: DHC 80101


Christmas Cantata (Sinfonia Sacra)

  1. 1.Quem vidistis pastores? (3:19)

  2. 2.O Magnum mysterium (4:33)

  3. 3.Gloria in excelsis Deo (2:42)

  1. 4.O come, all ye faithful (4:53)

  2. 5.Serenity (O magnum mysterium) (5:53)

  3. 6.Jauchzet dem Herrn, alle Welt (Psalm 100), SWV 36 (3:33)

  4. 7.Christ the appletree (4:13)

  5. 8.Variations sur un Noël bourguignon (5:12)

  6. 9.Joy to the world (1:25)

  7. 10. Little child (2:31)

  8. 11. Bring a torch, Jeannette, Isabella (2:38)

  9. 12. Tomorrow shall be my dancing day (2:33)

  10. 13. Chorale prelude – In dulci jubilo, BuxWV 197 (2:03)

  11. 14. Hodie, Christus natus est (1:45)

  12. 15. Chorale – Es ist ein Ros’ entsprungen (1:26)

  13. 16. Chorale prelude – Es ist ein Ros’ entsprungen, Op. 122, No. 8 (2:00)

  14. 17. See amid the winter’s snow (3:47)

Troisième livre d’orgue

  1. 18. 3e Noël: Noël pour l’Amour de Marie (3:01)

  2. 19. 5e Noël: Or nous ditte Marie (2:46)

  3. 20.8e Noël: Ou s’en vont ces gays Bergers (2:33)

  4. 21. Soon it will be Christmas (5:31)

  5. 22. Jingle bells (1:46)

Song List


Illumine: Christmas at Stanford

Stanford Chamber Chorale (Stephen M. Sano, director)

with Robert Huw Morgan (organ) and The Bay Brass

  1. audio demo

  2. hi res album art

A presentation of voice, organ, and brass – in combination and individually – designed to capture the glow of a Stanford Christmas. It is as much a project to trigger the memories of the Stanford faithful as it is to draw newcomers to imagine the light of hope that shines at Stanford this time each year.

Illumine: Stanford at Christmas CD - $15
(includes shipping within U.S.)

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