Wind Music International has extensively archived the music of Taiwanese aboriginal tribes. The goal of this collaboration is to reverently present this rich cultural tradition in a new light by pairing it with the Hawaiian sounds of slack key guitar, 'ukulele, and piano by multiple GRAMMY Award-winning artist and producer, Daniel Ho.

Liner Notes - EXTENSIVE BOOKLET STYLE liner notes measure 7.75” x 7.75”

Liner notes include cultural and musical background on each song.

Also included: sheet music in tablature and notation for four new solo ‘ukulele compositions...
On a Gentle Island Breeze

Bicycle Holiday

Pua Kea Waltz (White Flower Waltz)

Amis Rondo

Sheet music in tablature and notation for the ‘ukulele duet arrangement of the Taiwanese contemporary folk song "Ocean.”

Album Review by John Berger (Island Mele column at

...imaginative and impressively packaged album...

Ho teamed up with a Taiwan-based record label to record aboriginal Taiwanese melodies using ukulele, slack-key guitar or piano.  Seven Taiwan-based singers add their voices to Ho’s instrumental arrangements on various selections.  The contrast between the vocal performance of male singer Hao-en Wu and the familiar sound of slack-key guitar on a song titled “Call of Passage” is particularly vivid.

Most of the Taiwanese melodies are from songs about traditional activities such as hunting and traveling.  Others speak of romance.  The one nontraditional song is of relatively recent origin.

“The Warship Song” dates from the era when Japan replaced China as the colonial occupier of Taiwan; Ho describes it in his liner notes booklet as a song indigenous musicians performed when they “greeted Japanese warships” that were returning to harbor.

The set list includes instrumentals Ho composed after visiting Taiwan in 2012.  Ho’s final composition, “Indigenous Echos,” brings together motifs from the Taiwanese melodies heard earlier.

Ho completes this precedent-setting project with a booklet that contains his slack-key and ukulele tunings, detailed descriptions of the arrangements, cultural information on Taiwan’s indigenous people, and notes on the career accomplishments of the singers.

Ho’s work here [is an] important step forward.


Daniel Ho: ‘ukulele, piano, slack key guitar, recording (except vocals), mixing, mastering, music producer

Aboriginal Vocals Produced by Judy Chin-tai Wu

Aboriginal Vocals Recording:
Ching-tang Ho/Trend Music Recording Studio, Taipei

Chih-wei Tseng/Ai-sian Recording Studio, Taitung

Chin-han Wei/Harley Music Recording Studio, Pingtung

Producers: Chin-tsung Yang, Judy Chin-tai Wu, and Su-ying Yu

Project Coordinator: Patricia Chuang Greene

Liner Notes: Lydia Miyashiro-Ho and Su-ying Yu

Photography: Lydia Miyashiro-Ho

Graphic Design: Hui-chen Huang and Szu-wei Cheng, Keystone Design Co.

Graphic Design Assistant: Ming-yu Tsai

Daniel Ho endorses YAMAHA guitars and KoAloha ‘ukuleles

Release date: September 25, 2012

  1. 1.On A Gentle Island Breeze (2:27)

  2. 2.In Hoi Yan featuring Ilid Kaolo (3:13)

  3. 3.Bicycle Holiday (3:04)

  4. 4.Call of Passage featuring Hao-en Wu (2:13)

  5. 5.A Song of Perpetual Gratitude featuring Mei Chuan Sang (3:59)

  6. 6.Pua Kea Waltz (White Flower Waltz) (1:49)

  7. 7.Rukai Love Song featuring Kuo-hsiung Lee (Dakanow) (4:13)

  8. 8.Amis Rondo (4:10)

  9. 9.The Warship Song featuring Cheng-fa Fong & Ming-long Kou (3:03)

  10. 10. Aloha Naruwan featuring Hsiu-chen Lai (Senayan) (2:23)

  11. 11. Ocean (3:38)

  12. 12. Indigenous Echoes (5:53)

Song List


On A Gentle Island Breeze

Daniel Ho

  1. audio demo

  2. hi res album art

Island cultures converge as Taiwanese aboriginal melodies are set to the Hawaiian sounds of 'ukulele, slack key guitar, and piano.

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Best World Music Album

Grammy Nominee

Best Instrumental Album Producer

Golden Melody Award Winner

Taiwan National Music Awards


Best Instrumental Album Producer

Golden Melody Award Winner

Taiwan National Music Awards